Chocolate Fudge Coffee
Chocolate Fudge Coffee

Chocolate Fudge Coffee

Think Chocolate. 🍫 Think waterfall.🤤 We have infused our gourmet coffee with hints of maple walnut, creamy vanilla, and toasted pecans to simulate those same brownies from your favorite bakery. 

With intense fudge flavors, rich milk chocolate, and the undertones of vanilla and pecans, this gourmet treat will satisfy any chocolate craving. Combined with our full bodied 100% Arabica volcanic grown coffee beans, you're destined to love it. If you don't, we'll give you your money back. We stand behind our hot and steamy blend of cocoa and coffee. And no, it doesn't contain milk.

Whole bean, freshly roasted, coffee.

Contains natural and artificial flavors.

Really though... who doesn’t like chocolate and coffee?