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Hey party people!! Who’s ready to go back to work/school today?? (I feel you. I’m not ready either).
For those hard-to-start mornings,@hstlcoffee seriously helps. I honestly love the Bananas Foster blend. There’s just a hint of fun mixed into the roast. (Enough to get that work week grind started once again). This blend is full bodied with a smooth flavor. They are also fair trade certified! (Super plus)!!
They have multiple other flavors including mocha fudge.(Who wouldn’t want to start their morning with a little chocolate)? Check out their page for some more of their flavored roast series and regular roasts as well! Super yummy and super fresh! 
Can’t wait to try the mocha fudge next!
How was your Labor Day weekend? Let’s connect! Don’t be shy, I’m always up to hear about your day or what coffee your trying! Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. (Let’s see who had the most interesting Labor Day)! 3, 2, 1...GO!! ☕️❤️


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