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Uganda Kapchorwa - Single Origin Arabica Coffee
Uganda Kapchorwa - Single Origin Arabica Coffee

Costa Rica - La Cima 2017

Cupping Notes: Black Currant, Green Apple, Caramel

This coffee represents the community of La Cima, or "The Top," referring to its mountainous perch in Perez Zeledon. The region is populated by immigrants from the Central Valley who, toward the end of the 19th century, noted the area's gentle climate and rich soil and resettled with their coffee crops. Coffee has since significantly contributed to the region's social and economic development and generated a culture of values and principles built on family unity. Farms here dot the southeastern slopes of the Talamanca mountain range and on average are about 3.25 hectares(8 acres). 

The climate is ideal for coffee production, and the region produces coffees with outstanding aromas and acidity. But yields here are lower than the country average. Our Volcafe Way farmer support teams have been working with producers to help them implement new agroforestry systems to enrich the soil with organic material and ensure a consistent production of high-quality coffees.

Single Origin, Whole bean, freshly roasted, coffee. 


Our Mission Keep the quality astonishingly high and keep the beans fresh af. Source 85 or higher scored beans, roast every order fresh to order and continue to find small batch single origin specialty coffee from top quality coffee farms from across the world. This means remarkable bodied coffee that stands out and flat out tastes better. One of a kind flavors, quick turnaround times, and a top notch customer experience make us stand out from the rest. 

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Product quality is the foundation we stand on and this foundation is comprised of three key areas: quality, trust and craftsmanship. If our coffee doesn't meet your standards, we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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